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MoraleCheck’s Focused Interview service provides organizations with a targeted approach to capturing employee feedback. Survey projects are conducted with specific segments or groups within your organization, or with a cross-section of the workforce to further explore the areas of concern identified by Onboarding Surveys, company-wide Engagement Surveys, and Exit Interviews.


When used in tandem with MoraleCheck’s Engagement Surveys, clients benefit from significant statistical feedback gathered from the entire organization, as well as in-depth verbatim comments captured by professionally trained HR Interviewers. Both statistical and verbatim feedback can be leveraged to prioritize and take action on identified concerns.



MoraleCheck recommends that clients implement a telephone approach to Focused Interviews, to ensure the capture of detailed verbatim comments. Focused Interviews conducted by a professional interviewer will yield more depth in verbatim reports.



Question Design
MoraleCheck’s implementation team works with clients to develop custom question templates and contact processes for each Focused Interview project. Areas of weakness identified by other survey initiatives are given special consideration to facilitate a deeper analysis.



Reporting Style
Similar to Engagement Surveys, MoraleCheck recommends an anonymous reporting style in order to ensure that employee participation and the resulting feedback are not hindered by a fear of reprisal for negative comments. Employees should have the freedom to be candid and honest about their concerns, with the knowledge that their name will not be attributed to any of their responses.



Communication Tools
MoraleCheck assists clients in developing communication tools needed to support each Focused Interview project. MoraleCheck can deliver high-visibility marketing material and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) documents, and assist in the development of departmental memos or targeted email communication dependant on your organization’s culture. All communication materials can be co-branded.


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