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MoraleCheck Engagement Surveys



MoraleCheck Engagement Surveys help organizations to understand how employees perceive the organization as a whole, and how they perceive their role within the organization. This information is fundamental to understanding employee needs prior to effecting operational decisions that may negatively impact engagement, productivity and morale.



Engagement Surveys are generally conducted online, ensuring a cost-effective and anonymous method for surveying the entire workforce. Client organizations can elect a company-wide access code, or unique survey links emailed directly to each employee’s email address.



Question Design
MoraleCheck’s implementation team consults with client organizations to develop questionnaires that will effectively capture employee feedback. Our standard Engagement Survey template has been thoroughly researched, and categorizes employee feedback into the key drivers of engagement and retention including:

  • Company & Culture
  • Management
  • Position
  • Recognition & Growth
  • Working Conditions
  • Compensation
  • Ethics & Honesty

Clients are provided with the option to customize the standard template, or develop a custom template based on their desired areas of inquiry.

MoraleCheck recommends that question templates from previous survey initiatives be given careful consideration to ensure that future data collected can be compared to historical data. Additionally, clients that align their Engagement Survey questions with their exit interview questions are able to directly compare feedback from current employees with feedback captured from exiting employees. This will assist in prioritizing areas for action based on which aspects of the organization are affecting morale, and which aspects are directly leading to turnover.



Reporting Style
Engagement Surveys are best conducted anonymously, to ensure that employee participation and the resultant feedback is not hindered by a fear of reprisal for negative comments. Employees have the freedom to be candid and honest about their concerns, with the knowledge that their name will not be attributed to any of their responses.



Communication Tools
MoraleCheck assists clients in developing a strong communication program and the tools needed to successfully endorse and support the Engagement Survey initiative. To further increase program awareness among employees, MoraleCheck can deliver high-visibility marketing material and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) documents. This material can be co-branded and will be developed to reflect our clients' unique culture, sensitivities and business strategy.