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Continuous Employee Feedback



Recognizing the need for a comprehensive employee engagement and retention solution, Checkwell combined the power of employee surveys by MoraleCheck, anonymous tips by ConcernCheck and exit interviews by ExitCheck into an innovative Continuous Employee Feedback™ tool.

Continuous Employee Feedback™ programs utilize services from:



MoraleCheck Onboarding Surveys:
MoraleCheck’s Onboarding Surveys allow clients to assess their onboarding program by evaluating the experiences of new hires in their first 30 to 90 days. Surveys are designed to capture feedback and assist clients in evaluating and improving their organization’s recruitment, onboarding, and training processes.


MoraleCheck Engagement Surveys:
MoraleCheck’s Engagement Surveys allow clients to survey their entire workforce to identify areas of corporate strength and areas in which working conditions could be improved. Employee Engagement Surveys draw out employee opinions regarding the company and culture, management, their positions, employee recognition and growth, and ethics and honesty concerns.


MoraleCheck Focused Interviews:
MoraleCheck’s skilled HR Interviewers facilitate one-on-one telephone interviews with target segments or groups within your organization, or a cross-section of your workforce to further explore areas of weakness identified by Onboarding Surveys, company-wide Engagement Surveys, and Exit Interviews. Clients are provided with in-depth information regarding specific areas of concern.





ConcernCheck 24 Employee Hotline:
ConcernCheck is a confidential hotline for employees to anonymously report their workplace concerns. Our professional interviews offer third party anonymity, ensuring that employees feel comfortable reporting unethical behavior including: internal theft, fraud, abuse, harassment, discrimination, violence, and workplace safety issues 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.


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ExitCheck Exit Interview:
ExitCheck’s Exit Interview service captures feedback from former employees to identify their primary reasons for leaving. Exit interview data assists clients in preventing further employee attrition by highlighting the main concerns employees share regarding the culture, management, compensation, recognition, and working conditions of your organization.


ExitCheck Post-Exit Interview:
ExitCheck’s Post-Exit Interview service allows clients to follow-up with former employees three to six months after they have left the organization. Our statistics indicate that more than 70% of employees would return to their former company if the right opportunity arose. Our interviewers are trained to find out what it might take to bring back top performers.


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Checkwell works with each client organization to develop a custom Continuous Employee Feedback program.  Your company culture, corporate structure, and previous survey initiatives are given careful consideration throughout the development phase, to ensure that employees are able to participate in a manner that is convenient for them, and feel comfortable and respected throughout the process. Please put the Trademark symbol next to the word “feedback”.

The Continuous Employee Feedback™ program will provide you with invaluable insight. Morale Surveys and concerns identified through the employee hotline will keep you informed about how employees currently feel. This data is infinitely more valuable when you are able to compare it against the feedback provided by individuals that leave your organization. Clients are able to pinpoint areas of weakness, and prioritize action items based on which areas are causing employee discontent, and which areas are directly leading to employee turnover. Checkwell offers clients reporting capabilities that can compare statistical results across services, time periods, and demographics. The information captured is consistent, accurate, and most importantly, useable.